Trail Obstacle Competition

August 5, 2017

Trail Obstacle Competition Placements
1st Sara Lareau on Whiskey
2nd Marygrace Parker
on Don't Be A Sally
3rd Becky Gijanto on Norman
4th Chris Bryan on Guinness
Junior Division
1st Katielynn Evans and Simon
2nd Amanda Thrasher on Foxy Lady
3rd Madison Evans with Bo
4th Kendra Davis on Dakota
5th Mirriam Evans on Bo
The Pre-Competition Clinic gave everybody a chance to work their horses around each obstacle.
Jack in the Box!
Lindsey Oswald and Guliver had a lot of fun.
He really liked pushing the big ball!
Neat angle of Marygrace navigating an obstacle.
CSC President Denise Fahey escorted Reagan
and Cinnamon with (baby John on the back)
around the course.
Even at 85, Joan Sackman and Calamity Jane
are showing everybody how it's done!
Farrier and trainer, John Fahey takes the opportunity to work a young horse he has in training.
Jen Margosian brought Titan back for his
third year in training.
Barb Graham brought her youngster Who's Cash Trouble for her second time.
Denise got to the put the kids down and
get on for a ride!
Thank you to everybody who participated in our clinic, competition and trail ride afterwards. Additional thanks goes to: 4H for great food once again! VTT members Jan Lingner who judged as well as manual labor; our set up and take down crew of Willene, Lorraine, Flo, Kelley, Jo, Abby, Isabelle, Pat and especiallyTaylor and Tristan for providing the much needed muscle!
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